Why Designer Themes? Thought you'd never ask.

Whether you're looking to simply add a shiny new coat of paint to your blog
or customizing a theme for a client, we've got you covered.

Theme Options Panel

Every one of our themes come with an intuitive and easy-to-use theme options panel that allows you to configure and customize your site without ever editing the code.

Layout/Sidebar Options Each theme comes with one-click layout options for your homepage and interior pages. Specify page layout, sidebar position, widget areas and more.

Custom Logo/Branding We've made customizing our themes with your own logo and favicon super simple. Just upload and you're done.

Alternative Skins Each theme comes with at least one additional skin. Skins are an easy way to quickly change the color scheme of your theme without changing the core functionality.

Custom CSS You have complete control over the style of your theme. Quickly tweak the design by inserting some custom CSS or use the custom-style.css file for more advanced CSS customizations.

RSS and Newsletter Settings Easily redirect your RSS feed to Feedburner and set your newsletter sign-up URL if you're using an email subscription service like MailChimp (or any other).

SEO Settings Our themes are built with solid, search engine optimized code but we do provide some basic SEO settings that you can configure from the theme options panel.

Website Analytics If you plan to use tracking code on your site like Google Analytics, easily load it into every page from a single input option.

Easy to Setup and Customize

Getting a site up and running with one of our themes couldn't be simpler. If you're a site owner, getting everything just the way you want is just a few clicks away. Or, if you're a developer tweaking a theme for client, we've got you covered too.

Initial Theme Configuration Options Upon activating your theme you are given the option to load the default theme configuration or you can choose to customize the initial theme configuration. With a couple of clicks you can go from a fresh WordPress install to a complete sample site to use as a starting point when setting up a new site (just like our theme demo).

Custom Page Templates We hope to make your life a little easier by providing a number of custom page templates including Archives, Contact Form, Full-width, Sitemap and others. These can be applied to any page, transforming the layout and creating additional and unique forms of content.

Menu Management You have complete control over each navigation menu. You're able to choose which links display, drag and drop their display order and enable mutli-level drop downs with ease.

Design Source Files The layered Photoshop (PSD) files along with any other design sources are made available and can used to easily tweak the theme design any way you wish.

Multiple Widget Areas Customization gets even easier with the several widget areas we've included in our themes. With the power of our custom widgets and the flexibility of multiple widget areas, you can display exactly what you want where you want it.

Translation and Text Edit Easily translate into your native language or just make changes to text used in our themes right from the WordPress admin. No extra files/plugins needed and no searching through template files to make edits.

Built-in Functionality

No plugins required. Advanced functionality that typically requires plugins such as Breadcrumbs, Ad Management, Contact Forms, Related Posts and many more come standard in all of our themes.

Post Image Thumbnails No more sizing, cropping and creating multiple images for every post. Choose/upload one image and the theme does the rest. It can even use an image or video from the post to automatically create the thumbnail. Oh, and don't worry about your existing posts... those are also taken care of automatically.

AJAX Contact Form Each theme includes a built-in contact form with an anti-spam filter. You can easily display your contact form anywhere on your site using the contact form widget, create a new page using the contact form page template or adding the [contact-form] shortcode into the content of any page or post.

Import/Export Options and Widgets Developers, import & export theme options and widget settings from the built-in settings manager. Setup your client's site locally and export the options, widgets and content then import everything over to the live site with a couple of clicks. Easy.

Related Posts Display a list of related posts on your single post pages with our custom Related Posts widget. Completely customize the display and get posts related by category, tag or author.

Social Profiles/Networking Integration Easily add customizable sharing/bookmarking links and social profile follow links to the most popular social networks.

Ad Management Want to earn money selling ads on your site? Our themes come with custom widgets to display and manage the most popular size banner ads incuding; 125x125, 300x250, 468x60 and 728x90.

Breadcrumb Navigation Choose to display a customizable breadcrumb trail navigation showing your visitor's path to their current location on your site and provides SEO benefits.

Numbered Pagination Instead of the standard next and previous page links, you have the option to display numbered page links to your visitors, making navigating your site even easier.

Multi-level Dropdown Menus With just a single click, choose to show nested menu links as multi-level hover dropdowns or only show top-level menu links.

Custom Widgets and Widget Areas

Customizing your site with our themes is super easy. Our custom widgets along with strategically placed widget areas provide you with the flexibility you've always wanted.

Custom Widgets Every theme includes a series of custom widgets that provide advanced functionality including: About Me, Ad Management, Contact Form, Flickr Photos, Get Posts, Recent Comments, Post Author Info, Better Search, Similar/Related Posts, Social/Share Links, Subscribe/Follow Links & Twitter Updates.

Multiple Widget Areas In addition to the standard wigetized sidebar we've placed widget areas all over the place to give you maximum flexibilty. With the power of our custom widgets and the flexibility of multiple widget areas, you can display exactly what you want where you want it.

Professionally Designed and Coded

Every pixel is placed by a designer and every line of code is written by a developer.

Solid Code Framework All of our themes run on the same solid code framework ensuring consistency and easy development. Hours of development went in to ensuring a solidly coded platform on which to build every theme.

Incredible Designs by Actual Designers Designer Themes, it's not just a name. Our themes are professionally designed by real designers with talent that is unmistakable and recognized by the community.

Search Engine Optimized Our themes were developed with SEO in mind. Proper use of title tags and meta data along with built-in pagination, breadcrumbs, no-indexing options and valid code provides maximum exposure to search engines.

Clean, Fast, Semantic Code We pay attention to every line of code we write. We're focused on keeping our themes semantic, lightweight and fast and you'll notice.

Cross-browser Compatibility We thoroughly test and optimize all of our themes to ensure compatibility with all modern web browsers including: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer (7+), Safari and Opera.

Theme Support and Upgrades

Every theme we sell comes with detailed documentation and outstanding forum and email support is included with Pro packages. In addition, you can be sure that your theme will always be up-to-date and compatible with the latest version of WordPress and all modern web browsers.

Comprehensive Documentation We know it can be frustrating getting started with a new theme so to help we've put together a comprehensive manual for every theme to help you with installation and setup as well as get you started with the basics.

Forums and Support Tickets Everyone runs into problems at some point and needs a little help. We'll do our best to answer any questions you may have as quickly and completely as possible.

Screencasts and Video Tutorials Nothing beats learning by watching. We've created short easy to follow screencast videos to explain everything from getting started to using advanced features. (coming soon)

Always Up-to-date We worry about compatibility so you don't have to. You can rest easy knowing that your theme will always be up-to-date and compatible with the latest version of WordPress.